#CXConfessions Livestream Series

The role of the customer experience leader continues to evolve. Join our LinkedIn livestream series for a candid conversation with CX leaders who will share what it's like to run a holistic CX program—including their successes, setbacks, goals, fears, and words of advice.


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Episode 1: Christine Rimer @ SurveyMonkey




Episode 2: Brandon McGovern @ HP




Episode 3: Rhonda Hughes @ SurveyMonkey




Episode 4: Tony Rodoni @ Salesforce




Episode 5: Charles Gao @ Golden State Warriors




Episode 7: Chase Zenger @ Box




Episode 8: Lupe Gonzalez @ Headspace




Episode 9: Cynthia Hester @ Google Cloud


Episode 10: Teresa Anania @ Zendesk







Episode 11: Kim Peretti @ DocuSign







Nick Mehta

Episode 12: Nick Mehta @ Gainsight







Adam Fry-Pearce

Episode 13: Adam Fry-Pierce @ InVision