Drive Revenue with a Voice of the Customer Program
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In 2019, organizations are still struggling to prove the value of their CX efforts. Join Kimberly Powell (Director of CX, GetFeedback) and our guest speaker, Faith Adams (Senior Analyst, Forrester) to learn how you can build a simple and effective VoC program that impacts your bottom line.

Watch this on-demand webinar and learn:

  • Why VoC is a critical pillar in a strong CX strategy
  • How to build a simple and effective VoC Program
  • How to quantify the business impact of your VoC efforts 

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Faith Adams@2x

Faith Adams 
Senior Analyst at Forrester 

Faith Adams is an analyst at Forrester Research, serving Customer Experience Professionals. Her research focus areas include customer experience measurement and customer-centric culture. Prior to joining the research team, Faith spent nine years working in customer and patient experience. 

Kimberly Powell@2x

Kimberly Powell
Director of Customer Experience at GetFeedback

Kimberly is currently the Director of Support and Customer Experience at GetFeedback. With a background in web design and product management, she’s most recently lived in the world of customer support, where she’s developed a passion for building strong customer connections and amazing experiences.


"In order to make a business case for a VoC program, there often needs to be a financial case presented and historically this has been a difficult area to measure. Companies are more aware than ever of the importance of a voice of the customer program with over 50% of CX teams identifying it as an area they plan to spend money or effort on improving."

Source: CustomerThink.com